Why I like the Blackjack Bonanza Pokie

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I really like playing the aussie slot Blackjack Bonanza. The other day I spent like 12 hours non stop playing this game in my fav casino Spin Palace. This is is a cool game if you are into blackjack but you are not really in the mood to play a strategic game and you just wanna let go and play sort of mindlessly. If you are into playing casinos online, this is the game for you. A hybrid between blackjack and australian pokies online which are so popular down under. The cool thing with these casinos is that you can start playing for free, and after a few hours of playing, once you get the idea and nuances, you kind of are ready to step it up and you know when to double down, and when to lower your bets. I had a good run for a while when I was playing for free, and then I started using my real money account and used a new bonus that I got (loyalty bonus) and so I was still kind of playing for free because it was the bonus money. When I was down about 70% of the money I hit a few good combinations and made a nice chunk of profit. With that, I was up 40% so I decided to call it quits for the night. The morning after that my aussie mate arrived home so we played again, he was playing from his mobile and myself, from my mac. I used the bonus money again and this time I hit a few symbols and combinations and the paylines were nice. I made some nice profit again but honestly, this is not about winning or losing, it is just a fun game to play. I may go and sign up with some of the other good casinos (roxy, 888, ruby fortune, etc.) and see what other bonuses they can offer and so I can play again without risking my own money. I like it when I can make a nice little profit all the while having a lot of fun playing some of my favourite games. These are deals that you dont get at the...

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Interesting tour to Casino Carnival

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Did I tell you that last month I went to Australia for a tour, at that time I went to Casino Carnival with my friend? I saw there are so many aussie slot games in it and also many players who were playing, I also played there and had lots of fun after playing. Out of them many games were online and some were offline, I won lots of bonus points and also other prizes. I also paid entry fees for entering in it. I also enjoyed other components in that place, because I found there many exciting Aussies such as blackjack, bonus code, cruise, baccarat, roulette and etc. I played blackjack there and I won a huge amount, credits and many other rewards in it. I found plenty of other factors such as drinks, cookies, smoulder and etc. When I was playing a then I found some problems in it, at that time I made a call to my friend on his phone and took suggestion from them. He gave me so many suggestions to play correctly; I can also review about it on many different websites and also take many tips about it which can help me to play it rightly. When I was reviewing it there I can find so many good points on it. They provide me so many vouchers, offers, vacancies, phone numbers and etc. I met there so many VIP players and also talk with them about it, when I was playing I followed many strictly rules....

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Amazing Casino Site that I Used

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One day I went to my friend’s home and talked to him about Fortune Cookie casino game. He told me that this is the most famous place for playing online pokies, fruit machines, table machines etc. I searched it on Google, yahoo and many other search engines also the YouTube videos which offered me a great help by providing useful tutorials. Then I found the exact location, after reached the site I saw there were plenty of games and every one of it was almost occupied by the users and still there were many users (including me) waiting for their turns to play. I also played blackjack in different versions like blackjack single hand gold and multi hand gold, reel online pokies in different versions like 3 reel 5 line and also 1 line pokies, play roulette online and others. When I was playing a round, I got lucky few times and win awards, jackpots etc. They also offered me other options on their site without any cost. I also enjoyed many other features of the site like fortune cookie recipe, personalized and custom cookies games etc. When I was on the site, I randomly click on the different links in order to know more about the site and through that I was able to find some tricks to win more money and one more thing that I loved about this site was the graphics and sound which made the playing experience far better than the other...

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How to make fun in casinos?

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What I really like about Cherry Red is the exciting feature which it provides. When I was in America one day I was getting bored at home. At that time I make a call to my friend and asked him is there any casino here? He suggested me a casino on that particular place. Without wasting time I went there immediately and have seen there were so many persons playing the tournaments. I thought I should also play these games for fun and earn lots of money or rewards after playing. They gave me one more relaxation that there is no need to deposit. I earned many bonus points, credits and so many other things, I also played many other related games like table games, electronic gaming machine, random number ticket and many more. When I was playing I feel so excited and as there are so many free games out there related to online pokies, etc. which provide us a great variety in our choice and help us to get rid from the same game every time. If I face any problems while playing that game I create a complaint number for it and this is another amazing feature of that. There were also many facilities such as contacts, coupons, live chat, free chip and etc. Live chat is a very good option in these places, because if you have any difficulties while gaming, you can take help with experts so easily. But when you want to take help, first you have to login in the chat email id. If I want to know anything about betting then I can use their websites and understand all the rules very easily. If you don’t understand it correctly then you can’t play it with full...

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That’s how you play it, in the Bull’s eye

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Bull’s eye is like a shooting game, which is played by so many players. Basically it plays in Australia and so many other countries, in this game there is a small black point in between a circle where all the people set a target at fixed distance and there is also a time limit to set it. It is also known as bulls eye archery, where players can achieve points after they set a right target. One day I went to casino with my friend and I found that so many players were playing this game. I was very enjoying when I saw it live, because the atmosphere of that place was wonderful. Here I can show you many other factors related to this game such as eye rash, clothing, eye maculopathy, imports, tuggerah, toy story and etc. You can also play this game online. I enjoy eating cookies and candies while playing these games at home with comfort and one more point that draws an attention is that you can easily make contact with your opponents. I have taken so many pictures with my camera; there is also available chart, country club, diagram, sports bar, darts and etc. They also provide beverages such as juice, water, beers and etc. and along with that some products which gives the feeling of richness and luxury such as cigar, hookah are also there. They also provide a background for tattoo lovers, some great tattoo artists are available at low cost and also you can get some free if win in one particular...

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My first game- 50 lions

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1 year ago when I travelled to Australia I played online pokies game. It was very exciting for me to play online poker game, after playing this game I had lots of enjoyment. I went to play it in Sydney Lion Kings, including that game I also played another games such as slots, lion’s merch and etc. These games are also very enjoyable for me in this casino. There are also lots of gambling games in this casinos such as online, land- based, and offline, etc. I mean to say that if you ever go to Australia or any other country then don’t forget to play pokies and other slot games there. Because it is very interesting game to play in it, there are variety of games which you can play either online or offline. If you play online then you have to pay money for it and if you want to play offline then you don’t need to pay for it. If you don’t want to go in the casino you can download it on computers, laptops and also in iPhone’s, android phones and even windows phones, because many people don’t have enough money to play these games in these places. At that time people download it on pc or laptops and play it on any time. People also win and also get different types of jackpots after playing it. You can watch the videos on YouTube for learning that how to play it online and also people get the review about the websites. They can listen mp3 music while playing...

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