Why I like the Blackjack Bonanza Pokie

Posted by on Mar 16, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off on Why I like the Blackjack Bonanza Pokie

I really like playing the aussie slot Blackjack Bonanza. The other day I spent like 12 hours non stop playing this game in my fav casino Spin Palace. This is is a cool game if you are into blackjack but you are not really in the mood to play a strategic game and you just wanna let go and play sort of mindlessly. If you are into playing casinos online, this is the game for you. A hybrid between blackjack and australian pokies online which are so popular down under.

The cool thing with these casinos is that you can start playing for free, and after a few hours of playing, once you get the idea and nuances, you kind of are ready to step it up and you know when to double down, and when to lower your bets. I had a good run for a while when I was playing for free, and then I started using my real money account and used a new bonus that I got (loyalty bonus) and so I was still kind of playing for free because it was the bonus money. When I was down about 70% of the money I hit a few good combinations and made a nice chunk of profit. With that, I was up 40% so I decided to call it quits for the night.

The morning after that my aussie mate arrived home so we played again, he was playing from his mobile and myself, from my mac. I used the bonus money again and this time I hit a few symbols and combinations and the paylines were nice. I made some nice profit again but honestly, this is not about winning or losing, it is just a fun game to play.

I may go and sign up with some of the other good casinos (roxy, 888, ruby fortune, etc.) and see what other bonuses they can offer and so I can play again without risking my own money. I like it when I can make a nice little profit all the while having a lot of fun playing some of my favourite games. These are deals that you dont get at the pubs.