Welcome to the glpiggy.net. I am making this website because I like to play cards games so I thought I can share my experience and views with you. Cards games are very interesting and popular game with so many winning options according to the hands. You all know about the card games which we can play at our cell phones or at our computer and laptops. Some people play card games just for their time pass, but some take it as a profession. There are various types of card games which you can play; every card game has its own specific rules which you have to remember before playing any game. If you don’t know the basic rules of any card game then it has hundred percent chances to lose that game. It may possible that every different country has its own different rules if the particular games.

I think card games are very common in casinos as well, because card game start with the deal. And gambling in casinos is very popular. Either you are playing at casino or at home, the common in both is luck and skills. There are many games which you can play at home like rummies, Teen Patti, Blackjack, poker, heart, solitaire, hearts, FreeCell, spider solitaire, Gin rummy, Crazy Eight, pinochle, spades and Double Solitaire. The total number of cards in the deck is 52 and the cards are divided in 4 suits which is spade, heart, clubs and diamonds. There are also 4 ace, 4 king, 4 queen, 4 jack and along with these each suits has two to ten number cards. When any card game starts you will need to shuffle the deck before, then you can start the game and cards can be given to each player.

Whenever I get a time I use to play card games online on my smartphone. You can play and enjoy the various cards games which support flash and java, which gives you an interactive looks and feel. So you can enjoy and play these games on your computer and mobiles with amazing graphics. I am hoping you will like my efforts. You can keep you busy for several hours by playing different card games.